In [the course] A cooking all four dishes you alone like 1900 yen to 2 persons only available ~

1900 yen

■ Only Available in 2 persons ■ + 1500 yen in 90 minutes you can drink!

  • 4items
  • 240persons

Can enjoy also the first time it is Korean food, it is a standard content.

Course menu

☆ samgyeopsal 2 servings

☆ seafood pancake (small)

☆ Yang Pung Bibimbap

☆ Jun tofu soup

+1500 In will be 90-minute all-you-can-drink!

※ In the case of use of course only, separate receive Appetizer fee (200 yen).

※ If you do not become the all-you-can-drink to your bill, it will be considered as one drink system.

2017/12/04 update